A self-proclaimed globetrotter, Patrick has traveled the world to film and photograph sites to capture the heart of the locales he visits. Diving into the adventure of travel, he immerses himself in the cultures of the places he explores to learn and embody the essence of the people and the environment in his work. An avid surfer, he grew his love of photography and film through capturing and immortalizing diverse oceanscapes. As his love of film and photography grew, he began to help others tell their stories through film and still life, and is currently based out of Austin, TX.


“To me, filming fills the void to create something engaging. It's an outlet to show something tangible that reflects my efforts rather than just a check in a bank account. Capturing the emotion and the essence of the places I visit from the land and above is immensely satisfying.”
     — Patrick Clement


Areas of Focus:

  • Aerial Photography & Video
  • Corporate Videos & Events
  • Lifestyle and Travel
  • Commercials, Look Books & Ads
  • Weddings


  • Vimeo - Featured on Travel and North America Travel Categories.
  • Outside Magazine - Video Feature for "Highlands"